Thursday, May 17, 2007

It just felt like we were home

Today I took the dogs with me to run errands. There is nothing they love more than car rides, despite being terrified of them. So, all three of them sat on my lap and off we went to get Dad.

We picked up my Dad from the insurance place (his van was written off from an accident a few weeks ago) and continued on to do other errands.

Every one knows that "other errands" always includes a trip to Tim Horton's, so that was the first thing we got out of the way. I place our order and go to pull ahead when Maddy does the unthinkable. She jumped out of the car window and ran into the open backdoor of Tim Hortons. The other two dogs made like as if to follow her, but we stopped them. I imagine the drive through people were very confused to hear me yelling "Maddy get back here" into their speakers. Too bad they didn't see me - driver door open, leaning out the door, holding back the puppies with one hand and trying to negotiate the curve of the drive through so other people could order.

Maddy finally jumped back in the car. Jerk didn't even bring me a donut.

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