Monday, April 23, 2007

The times they are a changin'

Life in the Spinster house is moving at break neck speed. And, by break neck, I mean faster than usual but still slower than most. There is still a lot of watching of So You Think You Can Dance and MI 5, but we have branched out too. The Spinster house will be no more for very much longer.

I had an offer on the house.

I wasn't looking to sell. When all the problems came up with the basement, I contemplated having to sell, and it broke my heart. But a few months have passed and the seed of travelling on had been planted. So, when a co-worker asked if I was looking to sell and said he knew someone who was looking, I took it as a sign. I told them I would let them look at it and we would see where it went.

It went well. The couple was fantastic and I could very easily see myself letting them take my baby - my first house - and taking good care of it. They have offered me a little less than what I was hoping for (everyone at work will say I punked out) but it's enough. I have offered to buy my Dad's house and already have figured out exactly how I want to organize the entire place. Ky will move into the basement until she decides what to be when she grows up and Lyn will find her own place for the sweet solitude she has been missing these last few years.

It feels like it is time. Those who know me aren't surprised that every 6 - 18 months I get the urge to move on. Just a new house - a new start before the clutter and garbage takes over again. A place to make my own. And then, once it is my own, to move on to somewhere else. I've lasted here three years. Of course, I have changed the layout of my room, the living room and the dining room three times.

I am excited about this. June 1st is a whole new life.


  1. Nice! Congrats on the offer. Moving on is just the thing sometimes...

  2. June 1st. A whole new neighbourhood for me to flash.

  3. Congratulations! And, if you need a hand, hubby of mine has a work van. Plus, I'M DONE SCHOOL NOW!!!!!

  4. I like that you and Julia know each other. It makes me happy.

    Congratulations on your new house!


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