Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer come back to me

I have deemed it officially summer in Saskatchewan. Yes, we had a blizzard less than a week ago, but the snow is all gone now and I am back in the place where I belong - on the deck in the back yard, lounging with the puppies.

I had forgotten how much I loved being out here. How much better behaved the dogs are after an hour of playing ball and rolling in the grass. How much more relaxed I am sitting in the breeze and wandering the Internet.

Yes, the house is a mess. Yes, I need to sweep the living room floor of the weeks worth of dirt the pups have dragged in. Yes, I'm supposed to be grocery shopping. Yes, I'm supposed to be going on date three this afternoon. Yes, the deck still needs sweeping and the lawn still needs to be raked, but for now I am pretending that none of this is the case and instead am relishing the moment to relax.

I can't wait until I can bring out the paddling pool again!!


  1. Sounds nice. I'm not sure it's quite summer yet, but we're getting there.

  2. I feel the same way. Warm weather means so much more to we northerners. There's tons of yardwork I could be doing, but hell, the snow just left. It can wait a while.


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