Friday, April 27, 2007

Quite the description

Tonight I was trying to explain someone and I said "His face radiates gladness." She thought that was a great way to describe someone. So I wondered. How would someone describe me like that? Here are some options:

Her face radiates:
  • violence and rage
  • confusion
  • tension
  • skepticism
  • kryptonite


  1. Skepticism...that would be you (but in a good way). This could be a fun game, everyone choosing one word to say what we radiate.

  2. I don't know if I would say it "radiates" those things. I'd say it more "excretes" cynicism (I think you're less of a skeptic and more of a cynic) and "carries" tension.

  3. I would be really happy if my face radiated kryptonite. Really happy. Take that Superman.

  4. Ky, I think one could radiate kryptonite. Maybe also rage.

  5. Maryanne: I absolutely agree: one could radiate those things. I just don't think Bron's does.


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