Friday, April 13, 2007

I can always tell when a migraine is coming. Some people have auras or weird reactions to lights, but not me. I can hear my eyelashes move.

I will blink and be shocked by how loud it is. The sound of air swooshing past my eyes. I can feel my eyes move - not a subtle awareness, but an acute alertness to the feeling of every molecule as it shifts. My skull becomes a sound chamber where noise of any level is magnified in slow motion. And suddenly I am aware that my eye hurts.

It is always one eye. Right behind one eye a monkey is stabbing me with an ice pick. Okay, probably not really, but that's what it feels like. And then, the nausea comes, but I never actually throw up. Lyn's migraines are WAY worse than mine for severity, but she pukes, sleeps and is on her way again. I feel like throwing up - get that metallic taste in my mouth and that weird "gonna throw up" feeling, but never do. I get hot flashes and dizziness. Waves of heat roll through me as if trying to coax my woozy stomach to do something I will regret.

That was my Thursday at work. They sent me home early because I was on the phone with an agency and ceased to have any motor functions. As I drooled onto the hand receiver, they realized perhaps they would do better if I wasn't there. I went home and slept in the fetal position for the rest of the night.


  1. That sucks dude. I get almost exactly the same thing you're talking about. Especially the monkey eye stabbing. At least you can sleep. Sleeping makes my head hurt more.

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  3. Is the date 3 with the same guy? or your third 1st date?

    Hope your head is better.


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