Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Going green

I've been listening to people talk about Al Gore's upcoming visit to our fair city. He will be talking about the global warming, environmental thingies and how it affects us here in the Prairies.

Everyone is very excited. Most of them compost. Most of them talk ferverantly about environmental issues. Most of them recycle faithfully into blue bins that strangers pick up off their front lawns. Most of them drive SUVs.

I've been thinking about going to listen to him speak. Not because I'm particularly enviro-friendly. I try to recycle, but sometimes I just throw out the damn stuff.

I'm considering going only because I find Al Gore oddly sexy. Is that bad of me?


  1. Not bad, but scary - very, very scary.

  2. Yay! Someone is on my side!

  3. I agree with schmutzie. He's got that nerdy hottness, like a few of my profs. You totally should go see him, and make yourself a t-shirt that says, "I love Gore!" The shirt could even work for the next time you go see a horror flick!


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