Saturday, March 17, 2007

Things that sounded good at the time

Following in Schmutzie's footsteps, I decided to treat you all to things I thought were fun, but then they just weren't. I've been so wrapped up in my own unhappiness that soon Lyn's coworkers will start to ask if I'm depressed too. I'm going to nip that one in the bud!

  1. Twisting the swing around and around as tight as it would go and then - while pushing off - unwind. This resulted in a wild ride of spinning out of control while also going front to back. It seemed fun until I hit the pole.
  2. Getting a baby brother. When Mom brought him back from the hospital, I asked if she was going back to get herself one. It didn't take long until I asked if she was going to take him back.
  3. Running down the steepest hill at the camp site. 10 stitches later and 45 cactus needles stuck in my butt, I decided I should likely not do that again.
  4. Dating a guy long enough to get an invite to a party of "head bangers" (it was the early 90s, shut up) that my friend and I wanted to go to. At the party, someone threw up on my arm and then a few days later when I broke it off with the guy, he cried.
  5. Crimped hair, blue silk shirt, puffed sleeves and fake beads. Actually, all of my clothes from the 80s and early 90s.
  6. Most of the guys I dated in the 80s and 90s.
  7. The Cable Guy.
  8. Throwing eggs at my brother in the kitchen even though I knew he was deathly allergic to egg whites. (He learned to catch really quickly.) Actually, this was still fun even after I did it.
  9. Eating a 2 litre of mint chocolate chip ice cream by myself while watching Star Trek movies. (I'm not sure which I am more nauseated about.)
  10. Working 14 hour days at a snack shack and packing on 60 lbs in a month when I was 16. Eating ice cream and burgers 3 times a day, every day for 30 days... teenagers dream. I am still trying to lose that weight.
  11. Swerving my mom's car back and forth as fast as I could to freak out my sister and her friends. It resulted in a piece falling out of the car, me trudging through a ton of water to find a phone and a $300 mechanic visit.
  12. Getting a black tattoo over my heart and forgetting that I would look distinctly trailer trash when wearing anything dressy and strapless.
  13. Eating at Bonanza. (Queen brought this up and she is dead right. It always seems like a good idea and then moments after eating is a BAD idea.)
  14. Eating at KFC. Same thing as Bonanza.
I am sure there are more. Likely a million more. This may need to be a regular piece. Although, it will let you all know about all the dumb things I've done. Not that any of you are surprised by now.


  1. #9 - Has every member of your family done that? Because Ky sure did that, during a particularly exciting episode of Northern Exposure. And then threw up.

    #11 -- Ahahahaha. You forgot the fact that you were also yelling "The car doesn't like it! The car doesn't like it!" because we were singing songs from musicals, immediately before the car died.

  2. QoWP: In regards to:
    #9 Ky and I have both done this. Two separate incidences. Same outcome. And do I mean out come.
    #11 I forgot why I was doing it. That makes it even dumber. Yay, me.
    #13 You are so right. It is now added to the list.

  3. Found you via Schmutzie.

    You are so right about KFC. Seems like it will be good, but it never is.

  4. Welcome Sparklie! Glad to have you here. The sad thing about KFC is I crave it about once every 3 or 4 months. You would think I would learn. Damn that Twoonie Tuesday.

  5. I pretty well crave it every Tuesday. It was really really bad when I had to drive by KFC every Tuesday on my way home from school.

  6. You crave it fortnightly?

    (That Colonel and his wee beady eyes...)

    But I totally understand the craving KFC and then regretting it thing. Remember how my apartment had a KFC on the corner? Turn into my apartment parking lot or into KFC? Hm. (And I'd have to pass it whenever I went for a walk.)


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