Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My version of spring fever

I am strangely looking forward to doing my taxes. For as much as math astounds me, I love the orderliness of putting numbers into rows and columns and calculating the final amounts.

It excites me to follow the instructions of my tax form and to look at the summary of my years worth. It's still mildly depressing, given that Social Workers and the such are some of the lowest paid professionals (right along with teachers, yay!) but so satisfying to see an end product for a change. I tell people repeatedly (like when I have no idea what 9x12 is) that I went into my field just for that reason alone, but the truth is, I do really love numbers.

I love the simplicity of numbers and the complexity with which you can manipulate them. I love the way there is always a right answer. And, if you try the same combination 20 times, it is still the right answer. In a world full of so much confusion, I find it comforting to see.

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