Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Barry White works at the Flamingo?

The best part of Mel's and my trip bar none was the buffet. Seriously, I'm pretty sure we each ate 40 pieces of bacon. It was awesome. For $15 we ate for the whole day. Every breakfast took us at least 2 hours to eat and then we lived off that for the rest of the day. Mel and I took pictures of all the desserts because they were just that awesome. I wish I had the pictures, but they were all on Mel's camera and when we tried to copy them to disk it didn't work. Maybe later I will be able to show you the greatness of it all.

The first day, Mel and I stuffed ourselves on omelets and bacon and buisquits and all sorts of good things when we noticed another section to the buffet! Crepes made while you wait, pancakes, frenchtoast and even bliney (a crepe with egg and cream cheese cooked into the middle). We got in line and met the most wonderful man.

He was the biggest black man I have ever seen. At least 6'6" and 350. He was the size of a fridge. He didn't smile and only talked when I asked him questions - and begrudgingly at that. I asked for a strawberry crepe and then asked if I could also steal some strawberries for on top of my bliney. He answered, "You can have anything you want, baby. It ain't stealing if you already paid for it."

I almost expected all the lights to dim and seventies background music to begin. He sounded exactly like Barry White.

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