Monday, January 22, 2007

What I did this weekend

Ky and Lyn made a trip to Saskatoon to get the rest of Ky's things. Apparently, two months of sleeping on my futon was too much, so Ky needed her bed. In order to prepare for Ky's things, I emptied the spare 'oom of the rest of my things. And moved them all to the basement. Earlier this week I had gotten a new bed, given my older one to Lyn and moved her old decrepit bed downstairs. So, in my infinit brilliantness (yes, that's a word) I decided to make a new spare 'oom in the basement.

Do you know what every self-respecting woman needs? A staple gun. Why? In order to stick stuff to the walls, thank you. And to get rid of pesky people who won't leave you alone, but that is another story. I realized when I started this project that I did not have a staple gun, so I had to go purchase one. I think I may paint it pink or something, just to make it mine.

Anyways, I used said staple gun and went crazy. Here is what I made.


  1. Brilliant! Are those all of your extra sheets covering and creating walls? (I recognised the dividing wall sheet.) Now I need a staple gun. No wait: I'm a renter. And Chris would use it. I don't need a staple gun.

  2. I approve of a pink staple gun! I would also add some Hello Kitty decals, but that may just be me.

  3. Staple Guns are awesome. Back in september, Meg and I recovered my kitchen chairs with some nice fabric and we used a staple gun. It was fantastic! I had to borrow the staple gun, but I really want my own.


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