Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I was watching Ellen last week and she was talking about being proud of what you are and what you can do. She said that she wished when someone said "You're pretty" you could say "I know! I really like my eyes!"

It got me to thinking. We have this need to downplay any compliment we get. Someone says "You're pretty." and we say things like "No, my butt's really big. Have you seen my butt? It's huge."

I wonder if this hasn't done something negative to us. I'm not suggesting we run out and tell everyone how great we are, but perhaps learn to appreciate things about us and be gracious when people give us compliments. I rarely have good thoughts about myself. I can admit when I have a good hair day, or when I think I look cuter than I normally do, but there is always a linger of self doubt. I think that is the same with most people. And not just women, but men too.

I think we should encourage ourselves and others to look positively about our good qualities. And to find positive things about our qualities or looks that we don't like as well.

So, here is my assignment. In the comments or on your own site, write things that you appreciate about yourself and others.


  1. I forgot to go first. Oops.

    I like my eyes. And I like my ability to care for other people.

  2. I think you have a beautiful smile... and a great sense of humour. I guess we all do when we can laugh at the things we do rather than have them bring us down.

    About me? well as much as I had been taunted about them during my adolescent years I guess I have fabulous lips that I've learned to love! (oh and I guess I have pretty awsome hair as well even though I don't give it the credit it deserves and have it look pretty but rather throw it in a ponytail. But that's just pure laziness)

  3. I think it's best to say "thanks" when someone compliments you. I hate when someone can't take a compliment. Yes, I considered that you also smell before I paid you that compliment. It was duly noted. All the same, you still deserve that. Come to think of it, I rarely compliment people. That's for sissies.

    Hey, is this becoming a kissing blog? Because I don't like that kind of stuff.

    (This was a Princess Bride paraphrase, by the by.)
    (Oh, and blogger is not letting me comment. It has something to do with the beta/google/new account situation So, it's just me, Roger.)

  4. As evidenced by the blue thing that says "roger." (I thought I was going to have to comment anonymously.)

  5. Kel: you're so nice to me!

    Roger, I recognized the phrase from Princess Bride almost immediately. Nice touch. And no, it's not becoming a kissing blog. God knows, its no where NEAR a kissing blog.

    Also, I like that you took into consideration the fact that I smell before you made the compliment.


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