Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Messages from the dogs

My lab, Dez (short for Desdemona), was trouble. She was smarter than any dog I have ever met. She could open doors and windows and caused me nothing but amusement. One year around Christmas, she let me know just how smart she was.

We had been in and out of the house all day. We had apparently not been paying enough attention to her. After a particularily long time away, we arrived home to find 5 Christmas tree ornaments by the door. One for every hour we had been gone.

Today, the dogs did the same type of thing. We have a bin of shoes by the front door. It contains all the flip flops and little (well not little) shoes that we don't want the dogs to eat. Up until recently, it seemed like a fool proof plan. When I got home from grocery shopping today, there were shoes all lined up by the front door. One of each pair that resided in the bin.

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