Sunday, December 17, 2006

Last of the kissing blog. Hopefully

I put up the Christmas tree last night and decorated it today. After being told I had to wait til Ky was present, she and Lyn hung out on the couch while I decorated.

Here it is in it's glory. It's my first grown up tree. Although, first person to point out the family tradition that is on it, gets virtual high fives. (This does not apply to siblings or Amanda or G because they know.)


  1. Is that a David Letterman ornament? Where does one find such an item? It would look good next to my starship Enterprise and Scooby-Doo ornaments.

  2. I was NOT lounging on the couch. I was pinning a blanket so that I could start sewing it. And I was doing that before you started trimming the tree, so I feel justified in not helping you.

  3. Woo Hoo!!! Virtual high fives to Jason! Yes, Jason, that is a David Letterman ornament. My siblings cut it out of a magazine some years back and put it on the tree to see if anyone would notice. All our family picutres from that year have David in the background. So, each year since then, Dave has been on our tree. It's been awesome.

    Okay Lyn. I never said lounging. And you were justified in not helping. Ky though? Not as much. She was sleeping.

  4. Crap. I was going to say the Dave Letterman ornament, because you foolishly left me out of the list of people who aren't allowed to answer the question.

    That's one homey (as in "home-like") looking Christmas tree. Possibly because it looks very much like a Christmas tree belonging to your family. I can't figure out why (is it the tree skirt or the ornaments?)


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