Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I've got gas

Not that kind. Sickos. Okay, yes that kind, but I don't want to talk about it.

I went to get gas before work today. I am all dressed up because I wanted to look nice. Sometimes a girl gets tired of wearing sweats and T-shirts to work. I decided I would go out of my way a bit to go to a full serve gas station because I don't want to get gas on my hands and smell all petrol-y before work. I went, got the dude to fill the gas tank, went and paid and walked back to my car.

The cap was still off the gas tank and the dude had gone back inside. Gas dude, come on. I couldn't very well be a prick and make him come back out and do it for me, so I put it on myself. However, he had gotten gas all over the cap, so by the end of it my hands were covered in gas. So I wiped it on my jacket.

Now my hands smell, my jacket smells and I have two chocolate bars I didn't need in order to get more Airmiles. All in all, not my favourite gas station experience. Full serve should be FULL SERVE.

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