Saturday, December 16, 2006

C's are superfluous.

As in completely useless. I've been thinking about it and C's hold no actual purpose. C is the only letter (that I could think of) without it's own distinct sound. C sound is either "S" or "K". Really, no word that is spelled with C could not be spelled with another letter instead. "Cat" = kat. "Cinema" = sinema. Really. Think about it. I like the look of C much better than K, but really that is just because it is roundish and thus less harsh. Otherwise, I am going to boycot the letter C as being entirely repetitive.


  1. Hey! If you got rid of the letter C, I wouldn't be able to write my name. How else do you make that "Ch" sound?

    Karl should read this post. He agrees with you, probably mostly because he hates it when people spell his name with a C. But he likes K better because it's stronger and more firm, I think.

  2. Okay Ariann. You're right. The C is only helpful during "ch" sounds. However, it cannot stand alone. Thus, is still kind of useless.

  3. Yet necessary. Doesn't that make it not useless? ;)


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