Sunday, November 19, 2006

I hate teenage kids

I hate them all. Stupid frickin' teenagers. With nothing better to do than steal shit from my yard. Spoiled little teenage pricks who think they are so funny and important and wonderful. Them and their stupid, uninvolved, ineffective parents who have no idea where their kids are and who they are with and what they are doing. I hate them all.

My scarecrow was stolen from my front yard fence. He was my fall scarecrow and I had tied him to my fence with a bungy cord and a big thing of rope. And I go outside today and he is gone. Ang the cord and the rope are still there. Stupid jerk kids in my neighbourhood.

Last year, for people who read my previous blog prior to being shut down for fear I got my ass fired, will remember the same thing happening. Right around Hallowe'en, some dumb ass teens were ringing and running and stole my pumpkin and smashed it and threw things at the house and broke some bricks in the backyard. Stupid f***ing kids.

I am so angry at these kids. And there is nothing I can do. I can't tell their parents - b/c although I have a strong suspicion of who it is that has done this, I can't prove it. And his dad, the lawyer, would make me.

I want to end the miserable existance of every teen boy.


  1. I bookmarked you maybe during a Thirteen Thursday and then forgot about you! ARG!

  2. But your here now. That's all that counts. You even found my cleaning vs poop comment funny. No one else did.

  3. I liked your poop comment, but I didn't have anything funny to say back, so I just enjoyed it quietly to myself. Well, not really - I read it to my sister and we both giggled. :)

  4. EVERY teen boy? Even the one that thinks you are the coolest person ever? A goddess, in fact?

  5. Arian: Thank you. I hoped someone enjoyed it!

    CBF: Okay. Not yours. Unless he stole my scarecrow and then I will end him.


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