Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don't trust me with your children

I am dog sitting for KB this week. Her dog, Jazz, has come to stay with us. He is thrilled as is desperately in love with Vicki. He is hiding because he is frightfully afraid of Monty. Here is a picture of the great lover hiding underneath my desk. He hasn't come out since Monty tried to chomp him on the nose for being to forward with Vicki.

He's been quite the character since I brought him home. I walked in the door and Monty went ballistic b/c I had brought another man into the home. I'm not sure what Monty was worried about, the girls don't let him be boss anyway. A few moments later, I opened the front door to fix something and Jazz made a run for open spaces. Here I was, 5 minutes after I brought him to visit, chasing him down the street. I wasn't wure what I would have done had I tried to explain that one to KB and her kids.

And because I was emptying my camera of pictures, here are too more that have nothing to do with anything. Vicki perched on her favourite sleeping spot - my shoulders. And Monty, looking particularly dense.


  1. funny how things in the backround of pictures jump out at a person... like a BOOB perhaps... hahhaha sorry It's been a LONG week.

  2. Anonymous - stop looking at my boob. Pervert.

    Mary - Thanks! (Although, at first, I thought you were talking about my Grade 7 picture!)

  3. Now all I can see in that picture is my boob. And I'm slouching all weird so it looks strange. I may have to post a better picture of my boobs just to do them justice. Silly anonymous. Making me all self-conscious!!

  4. Oops - should've mentioned the Houdini thing. Lexi is even better at it, but Jazz ain't no slouch! I hope chocolate will make the whole looking after him thing worthwhile!


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