Sunday, October 08, 2006

Little pisser

Monty has issues. He pees. On beds, mostly. My bed often. Other people's too though. He's not that picky.

For some reason, he loves to pee on my Aunt's bed. At the cabin? He peed. Visiting her house with Dad? He peed.

This time, I determined to make it so he would not pee. I kept my eye on him. I watched him like a hawk. Then, I went to go to bed. I told Monty to "hop up" on the bed. So he did.

And peed. RIGHT in front of me.


  1. Your Monty and my Onion should go live on an island together where they can pee freely. Of course, the island will be outfitted with a bed for Monty and plastic bags for Onion.

  2. I will buy them tickets to this island. I will send them gift baskets and visit them occassionally.

    What do we do to stop this behaviour?? I swear I am tempted to get Monty a catheter (sp?) so he will stop his peeing ways!!!


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