Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Driving me crazy

I am not a good driver. I'm not the worst I know of, but not the best by far. I am sloppy with corners, I never go the speed limit and I am known for near misses of the ditch if I'm distracted by something pretty. However, I was taught by my Dad, so I come by it honestly.

My dad would give advice like "When you're changing lanes, always do it within three centre dots on the road." However, he neglected to mention this is only in city driving. On the highway, if you change lanes within three centre dots, you will likely cause the vehicle to tip and all your passangers to fall out. (Try it, it's fun.)

I learned to drive in a full sized van. This had it's positives and negatives. Positive - I can parallel park a school bus between two trees. Negative - For the first few years, I ran into and over everything in my path.

My first week driving, I turned a corner and ran into a Loraas bin (a giant garbage bin). A few weeks later, I turned into a parking lot and pulled the chrome neatly off the side of the van with a telephone pole. When I was in my twenties, I discovered I needed glasses. Suddenly, I had an explanation for why I took off more side mirrors than anyone I knew.

I now hit less things than I used to. And I can still parallel park better than almost anyone. But occassionally I catch myself doing things like my Dad and I cringe. I have decided already just to pay someone else to teach my kids how to drive. Or I will pay for their bus passes.


  1. HAHA...and somehow I still prefer that you drive when we work...I somehow believe it is safer...
    Perhaps I fall in the category of people whom you feel drive worse than you...???? HAHA

  2. Glad to know that you got home safe.

  3. I'm horrible at parallel parking! Guess it's probaby not such a bad thing that I no longer have a car, huh? :-)

  4. Kel: You can't be as bad as some people there!!

    Ky: Yeah, I'm home. Was I supposed to call?

    Giggle Pixie: Most people can avoid parallel parking, but not having a car certainly helps!!


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