Sunday, October 29, 2006

Chubby girl represents

The Hallowe'en party was a success. A grand success, I would even go so far as to say. And my favourite part? I came in second in the group Twister game. Only beat by a rock climber. It was awesome. I will not be posting pictures of that part however, because the only ones anyone managed to get show my entire ass. So, really, you should all thank me for not putting that picture in your brain.

The rest of the party went well too. The games were fun and I think people enjoyed themselves. I got to be the game organizer (with help from Megan and Steph S) and it was fun. I always love being the game person - I'm a big fan of telling people what to do and have them actually do it.

The costumes were great. People really used the clean and dirty theme well. Two guys came as Listerene and Toothbrush and another a couple came as K-Fed and Brittany. Matt came as a hobo who hits on Ky. And Ky's costume of going as a night stand (as in a one night stand) was awesome and most clever. As for me? I went with both clean and dirty. I went as a nun on the top, hooker on the bottom.

I do have to admit, I liked one costume the best. One guy came as a Man Whore - complete with dishevelled clothes and lipstick print. He definitely made most girls consider pooling our money to see what it would buy.

Anyways... what was I saying? Right... Hallowe'en party.

The food was also excellent. I unveiled my cake that I had made - the even popular "Kitty Litter Cake". It was disgusting. Apparently, it tasted great, but there was no way on earth I was putting that in my mouth!!!

Here are some pics of the other food (I know putting pics of food on a site is just lame, but explaining them doesn't do justice. )

Snouts and Beans

Egg mice

Spider crackers

It was a lot of fun and I may never eat again. Of course, I say that every time.

Pass the chocolate.


  1. That sounds like such a fun time!! Ahh, I miss Halloween fun like that. Can I come to your party next year??? :-)

  2. I so love that you went as the madonna/whore paradigm. Can I bring you along the next time I give a conference paper?

  3. Hooray, you put the food pictures on! I love food pictures (read: am a self-professed dork).


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