Monday, September 18, 2006

Taking over from the Queen

I don't want to do stuff today. However, I have been putting off doing stuff for weeks. This is why my room is 4 feet deep in clean clothes and my living room floor has an inch of dirt on it. I swear, Lyn is going to move out if I don't start doing something soon. Or the neighbours will revolt at the sight of my lawn. Bah. Doing stuff sucks.

Last night, I slept. And slept. I woke up briefly at 7am and despite me telling myself I would get up the first time I woke up slightly coherant, I just couldn't see getting up at 7am. It's just wrong. So, I slept until 1045 when the dog woke me up. Then I moved to the couch and slept til 1230. All in all, it was a great morning. I did get somethings done. I walked the dog to the library to drop off a book. And then I had breakfast.

I have a list in my head of things I need to do. Dishes, vacuuming, a bit of luandry (I need clean sheets - the dogs brought in a ton of dirt and mud with all the rain we've been having) and then I need to head to Dad's and learn how to pay all his bills. It should be great fun.

I really just want to watch TV.


  1. Why can't dogs clean house for us? I mean, they're home all day long, would it hurt them to do a bit of work?

  2. OH Yah, but what does it matter when you have a permanent full time job!!! Wooohooo Bronwyn. I feel you should celebrate....hmm what to do....maybe give yourself a real treat and nap!

  3. Did I get it? Oh good. No one bothered to tell me. Although, I'm into work tonight, so I am sure they thought that was soon enough!

  4. Mah! That's my new favorite line!!

    "Doing stuff sucks"!!!!


  5. Hey! You got some kind of promotion or something?

    Do you know what the secret is to getting housework done? Having to do something that you dread more than housework, and working on it at home. I scrubbed my bathtub today, in lieu of writing. The other day I even cleaned the oven. All because I could somehow justify doing that instead of writing.


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