Friday, September 29, 2006

Overnight Crazy Dumbness

My OCD tendancies are getting the best of me. Normally, it's a joke. I'm overly anal about somethings and need things to be a certain way. I have said to a roommate in the past, "I'm not comfortable with the meat being on that shelf in the fridge." and I have meant it. She agreed with me, but that's not my point.

Tonight, I woke up and let the dogs out to pee. I usually wake up at least once during the night, so I have inadvertantly (sorry Lyn!) trained the dogs to get up as well. Tonight, I was in the washroom and heard the dogs come back in. So, I went out - checked for stray doggies left outside (Vicki is a tricky one) and locked the door.

Back in my room, Maddy and Monty are asleep again. I assume Vicki went to Lyn's room, so I climb into bed. My mind starts going over the possibility that I left Vicki outside and she will freeze. My mind tells me to check Lyn's room. However, I know if I do this, I will wake Vicki up, she will leave Lyn and come to my room. Thus causing Lyn to hate me.

I couldn't sleep. I went over why I knew Vick wasn't outside, but nothing could calm me. Then I thought I heard the furnace on. Well, that won't do, so I got out of bed to make sure it was turned off. And, while I was up, checked Lyn's room to make sure Vicki was in. She was.

I've now only had two and a half hours of sleep. I'm no longer tired. What's funny is that a friend was telling me only tonight how she did the same thing over a dream about an unpaid power bill.

We, my friends, have issues.

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