Thursday, September 07, 2006

My life, the canine musical

Like Cats, but more barking.

Does anyone else (I mean other than me, Lyn and Ky) burst into song at random moments? All of us compose songs for the dogs quite regularily. (Think Jame Van Der Beek and Will Ferrel on SNL singing to Mr. Bojangles.) This morning it was "You're so great and I luuuuuuuuv you" while the dog stared at me in confusion.

I swear, maybe we watched too many musicals as children that this is the norm.


  1. We do this too, and have from long before we met you guys, so we can't even say it's your fault. In fact I'm singing right now. No, no one else is in the office. Duh!

  2. I was singing 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf' to Chloe this morning...and I always sing 'My Funny Valentine' to her too..must be the musical explanation..I watched many of those as a kid too.

  3. I here ya.... Miranda and I simultainiously began singing 'Gonna Wash That Man Outta My Hair" as we drove away from filling up with gas....he was a moron.
    We looked at each other and howled, agreeing that we definitely are weird....
    now perhaps not so much...
    Thanks to your family WE feel normal!!!

  4. I can be no judge of what is normal because:

    a.) I was pretty well raised in your household, and was exposed to musicals at a young age;

    b.) I'm crazy.

  5. I frequently burst into odd bits of song. It drives my sister up the wall.

  6. Um...I do it too, but I can't blame musicals for it. I just know a lot of songs, and pretty much anything anyone says reminds me of an oldies tune.


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