Monday, August 28, 2006

You look good wearing my future

Yes, I think it is high time I do a meme. I mean, it's been awhile. And Lord knows I am running out of things to say. (Note: Virtual high fives to those who know what movie the title comes from.)

Name seven things you'd like to do in the next three years.
  1. Buy a laptop (so Lyn and I can chat on MSN while sitting on the same couch and watching TV. How cool would that be??)
  2. Remodel my kitchen (not that I use it... other than to pour cereal)
  3. Remodel my basement into a suite and rent it out to University kids, soaking them for every last dime of their student loans money
  4. Practice my sneer and my evil laugh
  5. Get a new mattress. (I'm old. My back hurts.)
  6. Meet a good man and get married. (Or a bad man and have some fun. I'm not too picky at this point.)
  7. Run for 45 mins straight. (Without needing to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.)
Seven things I will actually accomplish in three years
  1. Gain and lose a total of 90lbs.
  2. Watch the entire Buffy and Angel series again. Twice.
  3. Paint my kitchen. With the paint I purchased before we moved in. (Who am I kidding?)
  4. Wash my car. Twice.
  5. Get my 10 years in at my job.
  6. Piss off my neighbour down the street. Twice.
  7. Buy new shoes.
Goals. Who needs 'em?


  1. Some kind of wonderful.

    If you're going to wash your car twice, you may as well just buy a pressure washer. It will save you about 25 minutes. Also, be sure and buy an industrial grade one, cuz if it breaks you'll be like, "Dam. I should've bought the industrial grade one."

  2. Virtual high fives to Anonyboy! I love that movie.

  3. Dangit! I lost to anonyboy! On a question about Some Kind of Wonderful! I was expecting Ky or someone.

    Another note: good job on the banner. Now, however, the sidebar is being pushed beneath the rest of the content for some reason. Also: possibly lighten the purple in the subject/date lines. The dark purple/black combination isn't easy to read.

    Sorry. I like giving feedback.

  4. Pressure washers are on sale at Canadian Tire this week... :)

  5. Queen: Thanks for the info on the banner. I changed the size of the sidebar - it was fine in Firefox but not on IE (another reason I don't use it!). I changed the title bar color too. It should be easier now. I appreciate the feedback. Although, some people don't like the changes.

    Kel: Thank you. How helpful.

  6. I am actually soooo upset that I missed that. I only missed it because I didn't have internet access until now.


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