Sunday, August 27, 2006

Something I love

I have had a really hard time thinking of things to talk about the last while. I guess it is partly because the things that I need to vent about are things I don't want some people knowing about or discussing or anything like that. Strangers? No problem, here's all my information, but sometimes there are things you can't discuss infront of your casual friends.

Instead, I have decided to write about something I hold very near to my heart. Coke. (Shut up. If you want something more interesting, you're going to have to suggest it yourself. I have nothing.)

This week I went to return cans and bottles to Sarcan. When you collect empty cans in your garage for a year (give or take), you realize just how much you like your beverages. I made $54.17 in Sarcan returns. Dudes. Do you know how much coke I had to drink to get that?? A lot. Like "rot-your-guts-out-and-turn-your-teeth-into-pure-cavities" a lot.

I admit. I like coke. There is nothing I like better, really. Coke in a can. Cold from the fridge. A huge glass filled with ice to the top. Fizzy coke with bubbles that float up your nose and give you a slightly heady feeling. It makes me happy.

Why am I thinking about this? We're out of Coke at the office.


  1. I'm impressed.

    This summer I worked immediately next to the "Coke Museum". I went a few times as a kid, and, as a kid, it was pretty boring. Except for the end. At the end, there's all these coke fountains and they shoot coke like 20 feet across the room into your cup.

  2. That is the coolest thing ever. I am so going someday.

  3. Shannon and I saved our recycling for two years before we took it in. We both thought to ourselves (or rather, I though to myself), "Boy! We'll be millionaires after two years of collecting recycling." We made $23.84.


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