Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dentist update

It went much better than I thought. Although, the second the nurse put stuff in my mouth, she started telling me about her troubles with her sister.

So, I paid to get my teeth cleaned and she got a free counselling session.


  1. Do you know the news??????

  2. HA HA... I too hate the dentist. I like the expansion of the hilarious banner picture. If you look closely theres a tiny little dot between you and your puppy, it looks like the cartoon character is distracted and is at an attempt to swat the fly (joking around with ya... but there is a black dot) I thought I had a fly on my screen and was wondering why it was not moving unless I switched pages LOL. take care :) by the way, do you watch HBO's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM???

  3. Jess: Do not do that to me! What news??

    Damanick: I noticed the fleck earlier today. I am going to have to fix it. Crap!
    No, I haven't watched CYE, I've heard it's funny tho.


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