Saturday, July 01, 2006

Vacation, here I come

One and a half hours. I can do that right? One and a half hours. Technically, 85 minutes. Then I am on holidays for a week. No phone, no computer, no stupid people. Well... no phone or computer. Stupid people just seem to follow me around. Apparently, I have a sign that tells people to talk to me and tell me their life story. In Wal-Mart or at the doctor's office or in a bathroom while I'm in a stall - people LOVE to tell me all their shit (that was a poor choice of words).

I think I will run away from home and not come back. Although, running away to North Battleford seems a tad anti-climactic. (Not anti-climatic, that would mean I was against weather.)

Okay. See you in a week and a day. Talk amoungst yourselves.


  1. Man! Three whole days where I'm still here and many of my favourite bloggers are in North Battleford? (Grumble grumble.)

  2. Happy vacationing! Even if it is North Battleford.

  3. hey! I was there...I saw you...

  4. Hey, it's Sunday Night! Where are you? You said you would be back! Liar.


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