Saturday, July 15, 2006

Too much information

Here's how a conversation went the other night.

me: Did I tell you about...
her: yes, I read it on your blog.
me: no, I didn't write this on my blog
her: yes, you did. I read it there. I don't need to talk to you anymore, I just read your blog.
me: um, no, I didn't write this PART on my blog.

Apparently, I share too much and people have no reason to speak with me in person anymore. I will now stay in my house, order food and supplies online and never see another human again. Although, that will severely limit the fodder for this blog, so I may be shooting myself in the foot.


  1. was that you talking to lyn? cause then you'll have to add 'and stay in my room' to your clause.

  2. Well, it wouldn't be the first time you've shot yourself in the foot...

  3. Ha ha...that was not exactly how it went...but close. Well, for all my insistence that I had already heard the story, I ended up being wrong. So I guess you can talk to people for about 5 minutes per week in person, and after that you really will have no new material that has not been on your blog. Come on...lets think positive!

  4. Well, that's true. It certainly cuts down the amount of time I have to spend with people. All in all, not a bad thing!

    (OMG. My word verification is Jiszm)


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