Monday, June 26, 2006

What happens when I have insomnia

I have an idea. I decide to start it. And then I have to finish it. It's almost 3 am. What am I doing???

This is cartoon me. It's not quite right, but I am neither an artist or a computer geek. So, I drew a sketch, scanned it, used Paint to play with it and came up with this. I may use it as my header... if I can figure out how. This is what I want it to kind of look like.
What do you guys think? (My favourite is the little Maddy on the left... wagging her tail. Isn't she CUTE??)

*I had to fix the arm on the pic, so it's different. I may end up fixing more as I think the proportions are off.


  1. That could be really cool. And if you designed your banner, Chris could easily help you put it on your site.

  2. She's hot, but I'd like to see the topless drawing.

  3. Sorry, Maddy doesn't do topless.


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