Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stuff I love about Spring

  • soft grass under bare feet
  • smell of freshly mowed grass
  • smell of a coming rain
  • warm enough to be pleasant, cool enough to wear my jean jacket
  • little birds hopping in a bird bath
  • warm sun while I sit outside and read
  • tulips (the only flower I really go girly over)
  • things are green again
  • walking around the lake
  • laying in the grass and throwing the ball for the dog

It's a happy season. Now that the snow is gone and all the dirt is swept up. I like it.


  1. I wasn't really big into tulips until I moved out here. And then the place went crazy with these brightly-coloured tulips, including these red and yellow ones in my own backyard. I could spend so much time looking at them.

    The rain smell and the grass under feet are very much Camp for me.

  2. Tulips are pretty rad (yes, rad). When I was working for a florist, they were the only ones I was allowed to cut (I was apparently inept when it came to cutting flowers). I lika da irises, though.


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