Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Post 201

I always neglect to notice when an "important" post is coming up. Some people really make a deal out of it, some mention it casually in passing, some... like me, talk about toilets. Well, for the one past 200, I will show you proof of how those dumb dogs travelled with me.

I was busy taking this picture and I missed the whole reason I wanted to have the camera out. I was going to take a picture of the best sign in Saskatchewan. I noticed it a few years back and it never fails to make me laugh. There is a regular sign for "Lutheran Road" and underneath it is a handmade sign that says "Agility" with an arrow pointing west. It amuses me that there are directions to find agility. As most of you well know, I have never followed the sign. I am completely agile-free. But the sign makes me happy nonetheless.

Anyways, here are the pups.

To the far left (almost out of the picture) is Maddy pressed up along the door of the car. Then Vicki in the middle and then Monty. To the far right, you can see their dog bed which they turned their nose up at for the pleasure of sitting on my lap and hampering my driving. Lovely little brats. (You will all be happy to know I neglected to use the picture where I got a great view of straight down my shirt. Yay for Bronwyn and modesty!)


  1. They're so funny looking and sweet. Man, I had all 4 dogs last night in my room and it was cramped quarters, let me tell you. Until 1 in the morning when Maddy and Davy decided that barking was fun.
    After that, I have no idea of which puppies were in my room until you got home at 5.
    Puppies are awesome.

  2. I love puppies. Even creepy Uncle Davy. (You know that it's "especially creepy Uncle Davy." I can't help it.)

    I also love that "Agility" sign. It makes me laugh every time. Even after Janny found out that it's for dog agility classes, and that she knew someone who took her dogs to Agility class. Still funny.

  3. I've decided to call Davy "Uncle Jeffrey, bopbop." Maryanne likes it.


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