Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sleepy time blues

I'm glad to see all the good conversation my late night ramblings created. While I was sleeping away today (with the help of a nice blue pill), you all were very busy. Good, good.

I slept 9 hours today. I was happy. Usually, nights mess me up totally and I sleep for 3 or 4 hours and then have a nap in the afternoon. But after the horrible mess of not sleeping yesterday, I knew I needed to do something. Hence the little pill that I rarely rely on b/c of the totally wipe-out effects it has. Lyn says she came into my room a few times today to deal with the dog - who likes to sit like a centurean (that's a guard, right?) on my bed and bug me every few hours - but I never stirred.

I feel much better. Only a lingering of the headache (almost migrane but not, thank God) that was there yesterday and none of the oogy side effects like being able to hear myself blink and move my eyeballs (really quite disconcerting to hear that inside your head). I mean, its ridiculous. I am on meds to avoid my constant headache (which I had for 2 yrs straight before going to the DR) and to avoid the migranes. However, forget to take the meds? Insta-migrane. Boo hiss.

I decided to list random facts about the way I sleep. For those of you who have shared a bed with me, you'll already be aware. For those of you who haven't? Meh, you might someday, I might as well warn you.
  1. I sleep on my stomach. Face down, right leg sticking straight out, left bent slightly to the side. I then tuck my arms underneath me. I look ridiculous. Or so I'm told.
  2. I grind my teeth. Only when I am stressed or over tired, but its LOUD. And I wake up with a killer headache and my jaw hurts. I have actually woken people up. I have a permanent bruise from Ky elbowing me every time I woke her up when we were staying together.
  3. I only sleep a few hours at a time. Then I wake up, turn over or whatever and go back to sleep. I don't know of any time I have slept through the night. My mother swore I never did.
  4. I have to have silence to sleep. I used to have to have silence AND darkness, but good luck finding that when you work nights and sleep days.
  5. I love pajamas. I have more pjs than regular clothes, I am sure. And I love pj pants. Hey, Ky, did I show you my new pants? They tie up on the side.
  6. I have to set my alarm in increments of 15. I cannot set it at 8:17. Can't do it. I couldn't even sleep if I did.
  7. I sometimes talk in my sleep. Mostly I say "No", "What?" or "Come in". But usually loudly and out of context.
  8. My dog sleeps with me. Usually curled up in front of me, under the blankets, near the pillow. Unless she's mad and then she sleeps in her kennel. I used to have a single bed and two dogs (a lab and a terrier) - it was crowded, so this doesn't seem too bad.
  9. I need 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night just to function. I can live with 8, but I can't on anything less. And usually, it takes about 12 hours just to get the 10.
  10. Most the time, I would chose sleep over food. Even chocolate icecream. Unless I can eat it in bed.


  1. Ha! We have some of the same sleeping habits: #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #9 (Which my husband has yet to figure out, which is why I get grumpy so often... You think he would catch on) and #10, especially #10.

  2. I want to burn your pj pants.

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  4. Julia, its nice to know I am not alone.

    Ky: hahahahahahahahha *Maniacal laughter* I do love to bother you. Its so easy.

  5. My sister got this thing for her mouth from her doctor (she was also a teeth grinder). Stopped her headaches, and her sleep was more restful, too. Just a thought.

  6. Yeah, cbf, my husband got one, too. It was effing expensive, though... Thank goodness for the university health and dental plan!


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