Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PJ. I like that. Hiss! Put it on my luggage.

I was thinking of movies that I quote all the time. My family is a quoting family - we watch a movie and something random will stick in our minds and we quote it all the time. Other people have NO idea what we are talking about it. So, I thought I would note some of my favourites. (I used one yesterday and the whole office thought I was nuts)
Robin Hood the Cartoon:
"Coming. Coming" (said in a sing-songy voice)
"Come again... on my birthday!"
"Ah me, young love."
Ace Ventura Pet Detective (hate the movie... love the line)
"Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor not a poolman"
"Why do you care about the dolphin? Do you know him? Does he call you at home? Do you have a dorsel fin?"
Hello Dolly
"Immediately. Immediately." (said in a very resonant tone)
"Stuffed whale... wow"
Little Women (the one with Wynona Ryder)
"I'm exhaustified of being a boy."
"How could you? Your one beauty!"

There are others... even more random comments that I say. People think I'm nuts. Its not untrue.


  1. That's funny, I quote all the same things! Okay, not the Ace Ventura ones. Remember when we substitute different things in the "Ah me, young love"? Like, "Ah me, young Davy."

  2. I think you would have stumped me on everyone of those.

  3. Robin Hood the cartoon- was that the one where they were all animals? Robin Hood was a fox, Prince John was a snake, Robin Hood's sidekick was a bear...

    Cuz I loved that show. I'd watch it every day while making breakfast. It ruled.

  4. QoWP: Totally! I still say that one all the time to Maddy. Also, I say it after I have dealt with a particularily gruesome domestic call, but that's just my sense of humour.

    Roger: It would appear you were not raised a girl. Or in a house of girls. I think we watched all those movies about a hundred times. Our poor brother.

    Jen: That's the one. It was a family favourite. We actually fought over who the copy of the tape belonged to!

  5. We had it taped off of TV and then I bought it on VHS but then I loaned it to a girl I babysat for and never got it back so I bought myself a new copy and then Grae bought me one for my birthday that same year.
    It's my favourite Disney movie of all time.

  6. Whenever I'm tired, I end up saying "I'm exhaustified of being the boy." I start off just saying "I'm exhaustified," but I can't just stop there.

  7. Me too! And then I confuse all the people around me. And I do the same thing with "Ah me! Young love." I start out with the "Ah me!" and just have to keep going.

  8. Apparently, I got both short ends on this deal. Four sisters and NO Robin Hood cartoon movie quotes.

  9. How does anyone survive 4 sisters????

  10. Up until about 12, I'm not sure. It was then I was able to defend myself from their attacks. They were more into beating me up than dressing me up. But you break a collar bone and people start respecting you around the house.

  11. So, did they break your collar bone or you one of theirs? Were you the youngest? Poor Roger. I know how we tortured our brother.

  12. I broke RS3's collar bone. I just pushed her off the couch. She started it. It wasn't bad though. I mean, it may have been, but there's no way for me to know.

  13. Oh trust me. It was bad.
    My brother broke my collar bone when I was 6. I still haven't forgiven him.


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