Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sesame Street

Tonight I quoted a line from Sesame Street that I have been quoting for years. I don't know how to spell it, b/c its in French. But I've always thought it meant "help me" and it sounds like [oh-se-coor] and to me it always sounded like "I'm so cold". So, that's what I use it for. Why do I think it sounds like "I'm so cold"? Because the Sesame Street film clip had a penguin on an ice flow dancing or freezing or something and yelling at the other penguins. I have no idea. These are the acid trips of my childhood. Does ANYONE remember this??? Tonight, I tried to look up the French to find the English meaning - but that didn't go so well... apparently it means "of the neck". Which is odd, but not what I wanted. Sigh. Sometimes, I wonder what brain damage I encountered as a child.


  1. I think it was English: "Let's all go" to Sesame Street!

  2. Oh I totally remember that!! Au Secour!!! It does mean 'help me' in french :)

    PS- this is Kristin..there isn't a thingy to put my name

  3. No, no, I totally remember that too, but it wasn't penquins. Wasn't it a kangaroo in an umbrella? No, no, that was another Sesame Sreet skit. But Kristin's right, it is "Au Secour" and it means "help".

  4. Thank God! I thought I was losing my mind when I couldn't find it. Woo hoo for being sane. Realitively.


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